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Death Before Decaf Martini is one of our many festive cocktails we offer @haunted_trails_independence Halloween pop up bar. This martini is a @rochesterkansascity cold brew martini with Tito’s, Kahlúa, rum Chatta, Pumpkin spice, whipped cream, & cinnamon. Tonight is our Grand Opening @6pm. No reservation is needed. Hope to scare you tonight! 🎃👻🍸#independencesquare #halloween #popupbar #supportlocal #beer #coldbrewcoffee #martini
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3 Trails Brewing
This Friday!!!
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3 Trails Brewing
Last night's turnout was the best we had in September as eight teams made up of thirty-one players were on hand for a very competitive game. At halftime, forty questions into the night, "Old People," the evening's largest squad with six players, had the lead with 1250 points. With 850 points each, "Pray for Mojo," a trio, and "Hamma Thyme," a quartet which had the only stolen riot of the half, were tied for second place, and "Trebek's Rejects," a quintet, were all tied for second place. 600 points put "Ornate Capicola," a foursome, in fifth place. "We Are Smartacus," a team of four ladies, checked in with 450. And the two man "Herding Cats" and the trio of "Garfield's Dad's Birthday" each had 350. No team found the "Daily Double" in either round.

The second half saw another thirty-four questions put into play and when the final question rolled around, "Old People" had extended its lead, finishing the round with 3250 points. "Hamma Thyme" and "Pray for Mojo" remained tied with 2050 each. "Trebek's Rejects" slipped just a little, and finished the half in fourth place with 1950. "Ornate Capicola," which had the only stolen riot of the half, scored a solid 1900. "Herding Cats" got out of the cellar and moved up to sixth place with 1650. "We Are Smartacus" ended the round with 1550 and "Garfield's Dad's Birthday" finished with 1350.

The category for the final question was "Brand Names."
Which American paint brand...
-which was founded in 1883 in Brooklyn N.Y. and is currently headquartered in Montvale, N.J.
-which introduced in 1982 one of the industry's first-ever computerized color matching systems and now offers 3500 colors
-which was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway in 2000
...was awarded Best in Customer Satisfaction among Interior Paints by J.D. Power: #1 in Durabliity, #1 in Application, and #1 in Offerings? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "My Coloring Book" (all answers include a color)
Which NHL franchise, founded in 1926, was known as the Cougars until 1930, then the Falcons until 1932, before adopting its current name?

Category: "Beverages"
All Chablis wine is made 100% from which grape variety?

Category" "Begins and Ends with the Same Letter"
8 letters "k": a secret return of a part of a sum received;

Category: "Take Me to the River"
The name of which river that flows into Chesapeake Bay is from the Algonquin for "where goods are brought in"?

Category: "19th Century Literature"
In Rudyard Kipling's "The Jungle Book," what is the name of the wolf who is the leader of the pack which adopts Mowgli?

Category: "Pop Culture Math"
Take the number of the solid orange ball in pool, multiply it by the number of different fruits in "Hawaiian Punch," and subtract the number of players on a water polo team, and what is the total?

FQ-Benjamin Moore
1. Detroit Red Wings
2. Chardonnay
3. kickback
4. Potomac
5. Akela
6. 28 (five times 7 equals 35 minus 7 equals 28)

Five of the eight teams answered the final question correctly. "Old People" did its "ciphering" correctly and bet 851 points to finish with 4101, good for first place and a cash prize of $74. "Pray for Mojo" and "Hamma Thyme" both bet all 2050 of their points to finish tied for second with 4100 points apiece, thus requiring a tie-breaker question. ("Trebek's Rejects" and "We Are Smartacus" also had the right answer and also bet all of their points.)

Tie-Breaker Question:
On how many episodes of "Seinfeld" did Wayne Knight appear as "Newman"?
"Pray for Mojo" guessed 75 and "Hamma Thyme" guessed 52. The correct answer is 43, so "Hamma Thyme" took second place and its cash prize of $50.

Thanks to all who played and we'll see you next Tuesday!
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
We are excited to wish our own Jesse Rose and his new bride Rachael Donegan, (and Gigi), a huge congratulations! What a wonderful wedding followed by an amazing celebration at the brewery.
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
We have the latest collaboration with the Missouri Craft Brewers Guild. This German style Sticke Altbier is malt forward amber colored ale with toasty caramel notes. Finishes dry with a pronounced bitterness. Grab a 6 pack 2-go or enjoy a pour in our taproom! -FRIENDLY REMINDER- WE ARE CLOSED SATURDAY THIS WEEKEND 4 A PRIVATE EVENT- we will resume normal business hours Sunday! Just in time to come in and cheer in our Kansas City CHIEFS! ❤️🏉🍺