3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Come on down to the square tonight! We’ve got live music for your Saturday night needs! Cheers!
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Jesse is doing the work we all love… It’s Brew Day today… Square Lite is in the making! It’s our Light American Lager 4.9% - watch for the beer drop this weekend! #cheer #brewday #lager #independencesquare #supportlocal #beer #friday #brewery
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Tonight is open mic night! 6p-9p!
Bring your talent & grab your friends! 🎤🍻

And dont forget this Saturday we have live music!
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Three teams of six people and one team of seven were on hand for last night's contest. At halftime, forty-eight questions into the night, "Herding Cats," one of the sextets, was in first place with 1450 points, having the round's only stolen riot. "Hamma Thyme," another squad of six, was in second place with 1300. "Old People," the team of seven, was in third place with 1250, despite having lost 300 points on the "Daily Double." And "Bee's Knees," also a team of six this week, checked in with 850.

After another forty-four questions had been played, "Old People" had taken the lead with 4450. "Herding Cats" had slipped to second place with 4150, having, once again, pocketed the only stolen riot of the half(and from the same team, no less). "Hamma Thyme" finished regulation with 2700 and "Bee's Knees" had 1850.

The category for the final question was "Movie Soundtrack Albums."
The soundtrack album for which movie...
-which was directed by a woman making her first film
-whose cast included three actors who would later win Academy Awards for Best Actor
-which inspired a short-lived spinoff TV series which included two members of the cast reprising their roles
...included solo songs by four of the five members of The Eagles, none of which became Top 40 hits? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Weights and Measures"
One magnum of champagne equals how many standard bottles?

Category: "Also an Automobile Name"
A traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but unauthenticated AND an Acura model available from 1985-1995;

Category: "The Long Hot SUMMER"(the word Summer must be in the answer)
Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, Calum Hood, and Ashton Irwin are collectively known by what name?

Category: "Got Any Botany?"
Auxin is a type of which signaling molecule which regulates growth in plants, especially in stems?

Category: "Books with a Man's Name in the Title"
1911-Edith Wharton: "_____________ Frome"

Category: "Fashion and Clothing"
From 2003-2013, Stacy London and Clinton Kelly hosted which makeover reality TV series on TLC which gave contestants the fashion advice in its title?

FQ-"Fast Times at Ridgemont High"
1. two bottles
2. Legend
3. 5 Seconds of Summer
4. hormone
5. Ethan
6. "What Not to Wear"

None of the four teams answered the final question correctly, so it came down to the betting. "Herding Cats" wagered a modest 1251 to finish with 2899, good for first place and a cash prize of $60. "Old People" bet 3851 to finish with 599, taking second place and its cash prize of $40. (Note: Had "Bee's Knees" bet zero, which would have been good strategy considering its score, it would have taken second place.)

Thanks for playing and we'll see you next week.