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3 Trails Brewing
We had our best turnout of the year, so far, as thirty-two players on six teams were on hand for the game. At halftime, "Pray for Mojo," a squad of four this week, had the lead with 710 points. "Handful of Deeter," a team of six, and "Happy Birthday Haley," a team of fourteen, were tied for third place with 550 points each. Fifth place was shared by "Nameless on Main," just a dynamic duo this week, and "Hamma Thyme," another duo, with 350 points. The four man "Herding Cats" was in sixth place with 260.

A lot of points were score din the second half and the lead changed hands a couple of times, but when regulation play was over, "Pray for Mojo" was still atop the leader board with 1930 points. "Herding Cats" had made a huge move up the standings and ended up tied for third place with "Happy Birthday Haley" with 1630 points each. "Handful of Deeter" finished the round in fourth place with 1270, followed by "Nameless on Main" with 1250, and "Hamma Thyme" with 740.

The category for the final question was "Brand Names."
Which Japanese multinational tire manufacturer, founded in 1931...
-whose name is a literal word-for-word translation and transposition of the Japanese word "ishibashi"
-whose American operations are headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee
-which is the official tire of the NFL, the NHL, and the Olympic games
...is the largest manufacturer of tires in the world? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Coffee" (30 points)
South America and Asia have two countries in the top five coffee-producing nations(Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, and Indonesia). What second-most populous African nation ranks fifth?

Category: "Business Scents" (40 points)
What company produces Opium?

Category: "Weapons" (50 points)
Hamlet mentions which two weapons first in his "To be or not to be" soliloquy?

Category: "Central America" (80 points)
The lempira is the currency of which country where you'll find the ruins of the Mayan city of Copan?
A) Nicaragua
B) Honduras
C) Belize
D) Guatemala

Category: "2002" (60 points)
On January 13, President Bush briefly fainted after choking on what snack?

Category: "The Bible" (40 points)
Hagar, while carrying which man's baby, fled into the desert after harsh treatment from his wife?

1. Ethiopia
2. Yves St. Laurent (this was the only question all night that no team answered correctly)
3. slings and arrows
4. B-Honduras
5. a pretzel
6. Abraham

Only "Hamma Thyme" answered the final question correctly, but it bet zero points. However, 740 points was enough for first place and $77 in cash. "Pray for Mojo" bet 1331 to finish with 599, good for second place and $51 in cash.

Thanks to everyone who played and we'll see you next Tuesday.
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
We had seven small teams on hand last night for the game. At halftime, the duo of "Tardy Peeps" was in first place with 620. The solo artist "Angelica" was in second place with 580. The duo of "Garfield," back for the first time in many weeks and playing the new format for the first time, was in third place with 460. The night's largest team, "Nameless on Main," a quartet, was in fourth place with 390. "Trebek's Rejects," a trio, was in fifth place with 360. Sixth place was held by the duo of "Herding Cats" with 340. And the duo of "Hamma Thyme" had 280.

The second half saw lots of points being scored, but when regulation play was over "Tardy Peeps" was still in first place with 1760. "Angelica" had held onto second place with 1340. "herding Cats" had moved up to third place with 1300. "Nameless on Main" stayed in fourth place with 1190. "Hamma Thyme" moved up to fifth place with 1160. "Trebek's Rejects" finished the round at 1100 points and "Hamma Thyme" had 1160.

The category for the final question was "U.S. Presidents."
Which two-term U.S. President...
-who never attended college, but did teach at the New York Institute for the Blind
-who had two different vice presidents
-who was the second-heaviest president after Taft
...is second only to Franklin Roosevelt in the number of bills vetoed with 584? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Sandwich Shops" (30 points)
After Subway, the second-largest submarine sandwich chain in North America is which one based in Denver, Colorado, whose specialty is toasted subs?

Category: "Bones" (50 points)
What is the name of the U-shaped bone in the neck that supports the tongue?

Category: "Automobile Slogans" (40 points)
Which manufacturer is associated with the slogan "The relentless pursuit of perfection"?

Category: "Creatures of Greek Myth" (60 points)
Which giant with 100 eye was Hera's servant, whom she set as a watchman over Zeus's paramour, Io?
A) Alcyoneus
B) Argus
C) Asterius
D) Athos

Category: "NBA Arenas" (80 points)
The Smoothie King Center, opened in 1999, the home of which team, has the smallest capacity of any arena in the league with room for 16,867 fans?

Category: "TV Shows by Initials" (40 points)
On CBS from 2011-2016

FQ-Grover Cleveland
1. Quiznos
2. hyoid bone
3. Lexus
4. B-Argus
5. New Orleans Pelicans
6. "Person of Interest"

Five of the seven teams answered the final question correctly, but the wagering was important in determining the winners. "Tardy Peeps" closed out the win with a wager of 921 to finish in first place with 2681 and claiming a cash prize of $48. "Herding Cats" moved up from third place to second by betting all 1300 points to finish with 2600 and winning $32. ("Angelica" had the right answer, but wagered only 200 points, to finish in fourth place with 1540. "Hamma Thyme" bet all 1160 to finish in third place with 2320 and "Nameless on Main" also had the right answer but wagered zero points to finish in fifth place with 1190.)

Thanks to all who played and we'll see you next week.