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3 Trails Brewing
Santa and his helper are looking forward to Sipping with Santa this Sunday!!! His helper will have treats for all the kids, naught or nice! Come have the kids tell Santa their wish list! And you can grab a beer and spread some Christmas cheer!
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about the future of this game after last night. We had eight teams and twenty-seven players on hand, and three of the teams and twelve players were first-timers. At halftime, "Tardy Boys," a trio this week(not all of whom were boys, by the way)had the lead with 710 points. Newcomers "Burt Reynold's Mustache," a squad of seven, was in second place with 530 points. "Hamma THyme," a trio, was in third place with 510. The quartet of "Trebek's Rejects" was in fourth place with 490. 450 points put "Wednesday Eve," a duo back for the second straight week, in fifth place with 450. "Nameless on Main," a trio again this week, checked in with 400, followed by a new duo called "Out on the Town" with 390 and another new trio "Team Julie" with 290.

After the second half had been played, "Tardy Boys" had extended its lead with 1990 points. "Hamma Thyme" had moved into second place with 1470. "Trebek's Rejects" had also made a move up the leader-board to third place with 1410. "Burt Reynold's Mustache," had slipped a bit to fourth place with 1350. "Nameless on Main," finished regulation play with 1320, good for fifth place. Right behind was "Out on the Town" with 1310, followed by "Wednesday Eve" with 1250 and "Team Julie" at 1030. As you can see, all eight teams broke the 1,000 point barrier and that does not always happen.

The category for the final question was "U.S. Cities."
What city...
-whose 2020 population was 504,258, making it the thirty-seventh largest in the U.S. and the third-most populous in its state
-which is the most populous U.S. city that is not a county seat
-which is the location of Organ Stop Pizza, home to the world's largest Wurlitzer theater organ
...was ranked America's "Most Conservative City" in 2017 by Pew Research Center? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Beverages" (20 points)
Which bottled water, mentioned in Agatha Christie's "Murder on the Orient Express," includes images of the French Alps on its label?

Category: "It's Cool" (30 points)
On which CBS drama does L.L. Cool J play Sam Hanna?

Category: "NYSE Symbols" (40 points)
What American global entertainment company, which owns, operates, has booking rights and/or equity interests in a large number of U.S. entertainment venues, uses the symbol LYV?

Category: "Band Name sin Other Words" (40 points)
Discount Ploy

Category: "Colleges and Universities" (60 points)
How many of the "Seven Sisters" colleges are in Massachusetts?
A) 2
B) 3
C) 4
D) 5

Category: "Diamonds Are Forever" (20 points)
The diamond is the birthstone of which month?

FQ-Mesa, Arizona
1. Evian
2. "NCIS: Los Angeles"
3. Live Nation Entertainment
4. Cheap Trick
5. C-4
6. April

None of the eight teams answered the final question correctly, so it came down to the wagers. "Tardy Boys" bet 951 to finish with 1041, good for first place and $62 in cash winnings. "Team Julie" made a smart bet of zero points to finish in second place with 1030, claiming $42 in cash. ("Wednesday Eve" saved 750 points for third place and "Nameless on Main" kept 640 points in reserve for fourth place.)

Thanks to everyone who played and we'll see you next Tuesday.
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Ahead this month! We have Sipping with Santa noon-3 this Sunday! Bring the kids to see Santa & grab yourself a beer & spread some Christmas cheer! We are also hosting a NYE Party! Tickets are $60. Your ticket will include: beer, wine, wells & an appetizer bar. #beer #nye #party #santaclaus #sundayfunday #supportlocal #independencesquare
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
Grab a Norbert & watch the Chiefs game with us today! Norbert is a dry hopped kettle sour with dragon fruit. Light to medium acidity with notes of kiwi, citrus and grapefruit. Light to medium body with a burgundy hue. Don’t forget we have our gift cards for sale! Buy $50➡️ get $10! It’s a great stocking stuffer! #sour #sourbeer #sundayfunday #craftbeer #football #giftcards #christmas #independencesquare
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
We had eighteen players on six teams for last night's debut of the "Blitz" format. At halftime, with 570 points, the trio of "Hamma Thyme" had the lead. 540 points put the duo of "Pray for Mojo in second place. Third place was held by "Wednesday Eve," another trio, with 410. Yet another trio, "Nameless on Main," was in fourth place with 390. Our returning friends, "Nickleback," playing for the first time in months, was in fifth place with 300 points. "Late Arrivals," a duo which joined midway through the half, checked in with 150.

The second round saw "Hamma Thyme" extend its lead to finish regulation play with 1410. "Pray for Mojo" remained in second place with 1080. "Wednesday Eve" finished the round with 910, followed by "Nameless on Main" with 870. "Nickleback" struggled to find its old magic and closed out the round with 420 points and "Late Arrivals" had 390.

The category for the final question was "Actresses."
What American actress...
-who was the world's highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019
-who has two Academy Award nominations, one each for Outstanding Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress
-who has released two albums, both of which charted on the Billboard Hot 200 chart
...has appeared in films grossing over $14.5 billion worldwide, making her the highest-grossing box office star of all-time? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Also an Auto Name" (40 points)
One of November's traditional birthstones and one of the hardest naturally occurring minerals
a Mercury compact car available from 1984-1994;

Category: "Beer" (50 points)
According to the Beer Institute, residents of which state, where Drekker Brewing Company was founded in 2014, lead the nation in per capita beer consumption at 45.8 gallons per year?

Category: "Official U.S. State Nicknames" (30 points)
The Equality State

Category: "21st Century Literature" (40 points)
Taking its title from a line in Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar," what 2012 novel by John Green is narrated by 16 year-old Hazel Grace Lancaster, a girl with cancer, who meets and falls in love with 17 year-old Augustus Waters, an ex-basketball player and amputee?

Category: "Sports" (80 points)
Which of these NHL teams led that league in all-time wins(prior to the start of the 2022-2023 season)with 3495?
A) Boston Bruins
B) Detroit Red Wings
C) Toronto Maple Leafs
D) Montreal Canadiens

Category: "November 29 in History" (60 points)
In 1972, Atari released which first commercially successful video game?

FQ-Scarlett Johannsson
1. Topaz
2. North Dakota
3. Wyoming
4. "The Fault in Our Stars"
5. D-The Montreal Canadiens
6. Pong

Only "Hamma Thyme" answered the final question correctly. With its wager of 751 points, "Hamma Thyme" finishe din first place with 2161 and claimed $54 in cash. "Pray for Mojo" wagered 741 points to finish with 339, good for second place and $36.(Once again, if any of the teams near the bottom of the scoreboard had bet zero points, it would have finished in the money.)

Thanks to all who played and I'll see you next Tuesday.