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The joint was jumping last night as forty-four players on ten teams were on hand for the game. At halftime, forty-four questions into the night, "Pray for Mojo," just a duo this week, had the lead with 1100 points. With 950, the four man "Herding Cats" was in second place. Third place was shared by the quintet of "Old People" and "Mara Lago Him Up," a trio which had the half's only stolen riot, with 900 points each. The night's largest squad, "Flying Monkeys," a team of seven was in fifth place with 800 points. "Cat's JV," a team of four, was in sixth place with 600. Seventh place was shared by the five-person "Hamma Thyme" and the also five-person "Stays in Vegas" with 500 points each. "Root Beer Float Trip," a team of four made the turn with 350 points. And last week's champion, "Trebek's Rejects," a team of five, checked in with 50 points, having lost 400 points on an unsuccessful wager on the "Daily Double"(see below).

We only made it around three times in the second half, and so, after a further thirty-three questions had been played, "Flying Monkeys" had seized the lead with 2100 points, aided by a successful 400 point wager on the half's "Daily Double"(see below) and a stolen riot. "Mara Lago Him Up" was just 100 points behind in second place. "Pray for Mojo" was in third place with 1900. "Herding Cats" finished regulation in fourth place with 1750. With 1700, "Old People" was the fifth place team. "Hamma Thyme" finished the round in sixth place with 1600, having both a stolen riot and a lost riot. "Cat's JV" had 1400. "Stays in Vegas" ended regulation play in eighth place with 1300. "Trebek's Rejects" stole a riot, and finished with 1050 and "Root Beer Float Trip" had 950.

The category for the final question was "American Business."
What American publicly traded consumer retail company...
-which was founded in 1956 in San Francisco
-which had 625 brick and mortar stores as of 2018, including one in the KC metro area
-which was named a Fortune 500 company for the first time in 2019
...launched the West Elm brand in 2002? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Mystery Category" (the theme was Madonna)
Which animated film, inspired by Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale "The Snow Queen," was the highest-grossing film of 2013?

Category: "Also a TV Show Title"
An unorthodox or independent-minded person AND an ABC drama which aired from 1957-1962;

Category: "Science and Nature"
Which of these four major layers of the earth is the thickest? ("Daily Double" #1)
A) crust B) mantle C) outer core D) inner core

Category: "Books by Musicians"
"Bicycle Diaries" was a 2009 memoir by what singer-songwriter who has been very active in a variety of media, whose new wave band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2002, and who won an Academy Award for Best Original Score in 1988 for "The Last Emperor"?

Category: "Football"
What is the only NFL team with an 0-3 record in Super Bowls?

Category: "This Week in History" ("Daily Double" #2)
On August 3, 1778, which famous opera house in Milan was inaugurated with the premier of Antonio Salieri's "Europa Riconosciutu"?

1. "Frozen" (Madonna had a #2 hit in 1998 with that title)
2. "Maverick"
3. B-mantle
4. David Byrne
5. Cincinnati Bengals
6. La Scala

None of the ten teams answered the final question correctly this week, which is a rare occurrence, so it came down to the betting. "Flying Monkeys" bet 500 points to finish with 1600, which tied it with "Hamma Thyme" which bet zero points, so we had to have a tie breaker between those two teams.

Tie Breaker Question: What is the population of Avondale, Missouri?
"Flying Monkeys" guessed 300 and "Hamma Thyme" guessed 502. The correct answer was 436, so "Hamma Thyme" took first place and its cash prize of $106 and "Flying Monkeys" settled for second place and $70 in cash.

For the second consecutive week a team finished in the money by betting zero!

Thanks to all who played and we'll see you next week.
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3 Trails Brewing
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