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Last night, we had our best night in almost two months as thirty players on seven teams were on hand. Twenty of the thirty folks were first timers and we sure hope they'll come back for more fun. At halftime, forty questions into the game, "Old People," a sextet, had the lead with 1500 points, supplemented by the half's only stolen riot. With 1050, the duo of "Childrarium" was in second place. "Dis & Terry," another team of six(with four first timers and two Trivia Riot veterans), had 900 points, despite losing 250 points on an unsuccessful wager on the "Daily Double." A new team, "Rob's Not Here," a trio, was tied for third with 900 points, as well. Newcomers, "The Misfit Toys," a quartet, was in fifth place with 600 points. "We Not Dem Boyz," a trio, was in sixth place with 400 and another new team, "5 Engineers and a Paralegal" had 300.

Unfortunately, two of the new squads bailed out at halftime, leaving five teams to battle it out. After another forty-two questions had been played, "Dis & Terry" had taken the lead with 4200 points, aided by the round's only stolen riot. "Childrarium" had held onto second place with 3450. "The Misfit Toys" had scratched and clawed its way to third place with 3000, followed by "Old People" with 2999, having lost 601 points on an unsuccessful "Daily Double" wager. "We Not Dem Boyz" finished regulation with 800 points.

The category for the final question was "Advertising Icons."
According to its official Twitter account, the name of which advertising logo and mascot...
-whose basic image was created in 1916 as part of a contest
-which earned a spot on Madison Avenue's Advertising Walk of Fame in 2004
-which is currently voiced by Keith Ferguson
...is Bartholomew Richard Fitzgerald-Smythe? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "A Thanksgiving Cornucopia"
At 40 million birds, which state in the upper Midwest produced the most turkeys in 2020?

Category: "Also an Automobile Name"
An action or event serving as an introduction to something more important AND a sports coupe available from Honda from 1978-2001;

Category: "Mystery Category" (the theme was Products Introduced in the 1950s)
Which breakfast cereal, whose cartoon mascot was voiced by Thurl Ravenscroft for over fifty years, was the third-best selling cereal in the U.S. in 2020?

Category: "Thanksgiving on TV"
On a Thanksgiving episode of "Friends," which Academy Award-winning actor let it slip that he and Ross had a "I Hate Rachel" club in high school?

Category: "This Week in History"
On Nov. 19, 1995, which Dutch painter's "Portrait of the Artist without Beard" sold at auction for $71.5 million?

Category: "Let's Dance"
Michael Flatley choreographed, but did not appear in, what musical celebration of Irish culture, when it premiered in 2000?

FQ-Mr. Peanut
1. Minnesota
2. Prelude
3. Kellogg's Frosted Flakes
4. Brad Pitt
5. Vincent Van Gogh
6. "Riverdance"

Three of the five teams answered the final question correctly. "Dis & Terry" closed out the win with a wager of 2701, to finish with 6901, claiming a cash prize of $72. "The Misfit Toys" completed the comeback with an all-in wager of 3000, to finish with 6000 points, good for second place and a cash prize of $48. "Old People" also had the correct answer.

See you next week! Happy Thanksgiving!!
3 Trails Brewing
3 Trails Brewing
We began the night with five teams made up of seventeen players, but a team of two bowed out fairly early(due to not feeling well), so at halftime, we were down to four squads. "Pray for Mojo," a quartet this week, was in first place with 1750 points, aided by a stolen riot. The trio of "Hamma Thyme" was in second with 1350, having successfully wagered 150 points on the "Daily Double." With 1250, the five-person "Herding Cats" was in third place. That left the trio of "Betty White Supremacists" in fourth place with 950.

The second half saw two more stolen riots and when regulation play was over, "Herding Cats" and "Pray for Mojo" were tied with 3650 points. "Hamma Thyme" had stayed close with 3150 and "Betty White Supremacists," which lost 1,000 points on an unsuccessful wager on the second "Daily Double," had 1450.

The category for the final question was "Beer."
What brewery established in 1829 in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, where it is still headquartered...
-which was, in 2018, the largest craft brewery and largest wholly American-owned brewery in the U.S.
-which collaborated with Hershey's in 2019 to produce a limited release chocolate porter
-which is available in 22 states, mostly in the east and southeast
...is the oldest brewing company in the U.S.? (Answer below)

Here are some more questions from the game:

Category: "Radio"
From 1949-1995, Radio Free Europe was headquartered in which city in Germany?

Category: "What's Your Game?"
On a standard "Monopoly" board, the three "Green" properties are "Pacific Avenue," "Pennsylvania Avenue," and which other one? (Daily Double #1)

Category: "It's All GOOD"(the word good must be in the answer in some form)
Richard Dreyfus won his only Academy Award for his performance in what 1977 movie?

Category: "Foods that begin with C"
Which relative of radicchio can be dried, roasted, and used as a substitute and/or an additive for coffee?

Category: "Quasi-Related Pairs"
Scottish word for pretty or appealing and Chiefs' running back Edwards-Helaire;

Category: "Nonfiction"
What other word that begins with "G' completed the title of former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee's 2015 book "God, Guns, __________ and Gravy"?

1. Munich
2. North Carolina Avenue
4. chicory
5. Bonny and Clyde
6. Grits

All four teams answered the final question correctly. Both "Pray for Mojo" and "Herding Cats" wagered all of their points, so the score remained tied at 7300, so for the first time at 3 Trails Brewery, we had a tie-breaker question.

Tie Breaker Question: How many "Peanuts" comic strips did Charles Schulz draw in his career?

"Pray for Mojo" guessed 15,000 and "Herding Cats" guessed 18, 262. The correct answer is 17,897, so "Herding Cats" took first place and its cash prize of $41 and "Praf for Mojo" settled for second place and a cash prize of $27.

See you next week!